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Civil and Commercial Matters

Comprehensive Advice. Preparation of Contracts and Contract Documents. Formation, purchase and sale of Spanish and Foreign Companies. Property purchase and sale. Condominium property. Timeshare property. Residential and Business Leases. Advice on Wills and Probate.

Tax Advisory Service

Our tax advisory service is staffed by solicitors and economists. They deal with all aspects of taxation for individual investors and companies, with particular emphasis on tax implications for non-residents. Income tax returns, Wealth tax returns, client representation in dealing with the Tax Authorities.


We handle all litigation connected with land and property issued brought before the Courts of Law and the Administrative Tribunals and Authorities at every level. Civil and criminal actions and administrative and commercial actions.

Accounting and Financial Services

We deal with the preparation of accounts, mandatory official books of account, annual accounts and balance sheets. Investment analysis, dealings with finance companies and preparation of financial statements.

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